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“We’re waiting for the outcome.” What will happen to Bitcoin in the next week?

On Sunday, September 23, Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at $26.5 thousand, its price remained at the level of the end of the previous week. CFO of the ASTL investment project, Konstantinas Sizovas, analyzed the market situation and assessed the prospects for the movement of the Bitcoin rate over the next seven days.

The key events of the past week were: First. News on Binance.US and the SEC supported the rate. Second. Anticipation of the US Federal Reserve’s decision on rates restrained growth. In addition, the Fed’s decision strengthened the dollar and put pressure on Bitcoin, and the fall in stock indices increased pressure on cryptocurrencies. However, despite the negative external background, Bitcoin was able to stay above $26 thousand.

During the week, Bitcoin traded in the range of $26,500 – $27,400. On Monday, the price rose to $27,409 on positive news from Binance.US. The judge rejected the SEC’s request for more detailed information and documents from Binance.US. Instead, he suggested that both sides work on evidentiary requests, reduce the amount of information requested and allow testimony from some shareholders. On Tuesday, the rise continued to $27,483 ahead of the Fed’s decision. After the regulator’s meeting on September 20, the rate went down and dropped to $26,568. On Thursday, the price dropped to $26,377. The US Federal Reserve left the base interest rate unchanged at 5.5%, which was in line with expectations. The Fed has signaled another hike this year. On Friday, September 22, Bitcoin rose in price by 0.05%, to $26,580. Trading was calm. The price revolved around the level of $26,600. Crypto investors took a wait-and-see approach, while in other financial markets stock indices continued to fall and the dollar strengthened after the decision of the US Federal Reserve.

In particular, the American stock indices S&P500 and Nasdaq 100 spent most of the trading session in the positive zone, but by the end of the day they went negative by 0.3%. The yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds again reached new highs for the year. Investors continue to assess the consequences of the Fed’s recent decision, which hinted at the possibility of further rate hikes.

Bitcoin fell slightly compared to stock indices. Intraday support is at $26,200. BitRiver estimates the next one is at $25,920. The technical picture for buyers remains positive. For Bitcoin to go up, buyers need positive news. Next week the economic calendar is lean. The direction of risky assets will be determined by the dynamics of the dollar index and stock indices. There are no aggressive sales observed on the hourly timeframe. Buyers are still set for growth above $28,500 if the external background improves. Despite the negative influence of external factors, Bitcoin managed to maintain its position above the important level of $26 thousand. We are waiting for the outcome.

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