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Institutional investors are leaving Ethereum amid the falling rate.

Institutional crypto investors have been exiting the market for most of this year, especially as the bear market took hold. However, Ethereum has been hit much harder than other assets in this regard due to outflows that have led to a decline in total assets under management (AuM). This is because Ethereum has been struggling since falling below the $1,600 support. In the latest version of its weekly digital asset fund flow report, alternative asset manager CoinShares revealed institutional investors’ growing aversion to Ethereum. It is characterized by a huge number of outflows spanning months, which has caused its assets under management to decline faster than any other crypto asset.

The outflow trend also continued last week, with a total of $4.8 million flowing out of Ethereum funds. This brings total annual outflows for the digital asset to $108 million, according to CoinShares. This figure also represents 1.6% of Ethereum’s total assets under management, which is the largest outflow percentage of any asset. This trend indicates waning interest in Ethereum from institutional investors. This is even more evident considering that altcoins such as XRP saw $0.7 million in inflows as investors pulled out of Ethereum. This means Ethereum is “the least favorite digital asset among ETP investors this year.”

While Ethereum was certainly not a favorite of institutional investors, it was not the only major cryptocurrency to suffer from outflows over the past week. Bitcoin once again saw the largest outflow of funds for the week, with $69 million leaving Bitcoin funds. This is in contrast to short Bitcoin, which saw its highest weekly inflow in 5 months of $15 million. Blockchain shares also suffered another week of outflows totaling $10.8 million this time. In total, the current outflow of funds from crypto and blockchain funds has left $294 million, representing 0.9% of total assets under management.

This bearish sentiment among institutional investors is also highlighted by the fact that trading volumes have dropped significantly. The asset manager reported volumes of just $754 million last week, down 73% from the previous week. Despite last week’s negative sentiment, this week appears to be shaping up better for leading assets, with Bitcoin and Ethereum seeing a 96.28% and 41.16% increase in trading volumes on crypto exchanges, respectively. This could signal an upcoming reversal after a difficult weekend.

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