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A new path to financial freedom!

Introducing a Promising Avenue towards Financial Independence! Are you exhausted with the prolonged anticipation for updates from traditional banking institutions? Do low interest rates and the erosion of your funds through inflation leave you frustrated? Are you tired of navigating the treacherous waters of online fraudsters? Look no further than the ASTL project—an exceptional investment opportunity that leads to genuine financial freedom and independence! Here, exclusively, lies an incredibly advantageous offer that is bound to captivate your attention.


3 st stage start 01.06.2023
4 375 000
5 625 000


Exceptionally Lucrative Investment Opportunity: AI-Driven Mining Operations

At the core of this project lies a robust infrastructure comprising proprietary data centers and an ever-expanding array of computing power devices. These cutting-edge resources are leveraged for mining operations, facilitated by the remarkable capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and sustainable “Green” energy solutions.

The ASTL token serves as the primary asset within this venture, acting as the vital conduit between professional-grade equipment and end users. Each token is backed by a fractional share of the ASTL project’s extensive device fleet’s computing power. Consequently, token holders enjoy expedient access to a stable and substantial income stream.

Harnessing the synergies of power management and AI-powered blockchain technologies, our cryptocurrency mining endeavors yield an extraordinary 25-30% greater profitability than comparable investment ventures.

Enhancing the Foundation of Prosperity – Streamlined and Accessible.

Embarking on a journey towards profitable investment returns has now become remarkably convenient and hassle-free. We present an alternative approach, distinct from conventional “cloud” mining schemes that involve purchasing fractional computing power or investing in equipment procurement or leasing.

Our objective is to liberate you from the burden of relying on the prevailing cryptocurrency rates and market volatility. Instead, we extend an opportunity to secure a consistent monthly income denominated in the stable and dollar-pegged cryptocurrency known as USDT. This ensures stability and predictability in your investment endeavors.



Cutting-Edge Technologies Empowering Your Investment Endeavors

Embracing the forefront of mining innovation, we have harnessed the power of state-of-the-art mining equipment and implemented judicious energy allocation strategies facilitated by Artificial Intelligence. This dynamic combination has substantially elevated the profitability of our mining operations.

With AI at the helm, overseeing the allocation of computing power and orchestrating the blockchain algorithm, we have achieved remarkable outcomes. As a result, we are proud to offer you a guaranteed income stream fueled by significantly higher mining profits compared to our industry counterparts. Our commitment to leveraging advanced technologies ensures that your investment yields optimal returns.

ASTL project presented at


From $100 to $1499
  • From 333 to 4 996 ASTL
  • Up to 10% ROI
  • lPayouts to your USDT wallet monthly
Buy ASTL Token


⠀From $1500 to $4999
  • From 5 000 to 16 663 ASTL
  • Up to 11% ROI
  • Payouts to your USDT wallet weekly
Buy ASTL Token


From $5000 to VIP
  • From 16 666 ASTL to VIP Status
  • Up to 12% and more ROI for VIP
  • Payouts to your USDT wallet daily
Buy ASTL Token


Streamlined and Trustworthy Investment Generating High Returns


Rapid Onboarding Process
Say goodbye to the concerns of acquiring, configuring, and maintaining mining equipment. With our streamlined approach, you can effortlessly start your investment journey without the hassle of equipment procurement, setup, or ongoing maintenance. Upon purchasing the ASTL token, you can expect immediate accruals in USDT aligned with the package you have chosen.


Exceptional Liquidity

Diverging from the perpetual challenges associated with mining equipment, the ASTL token offers exceptional liquidity due to its backing by a tangible hash rate derived from a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. In contrast to physical equipment, the ASTL token remains immune to depreciation and obsolescence, ensuring its enduring value without the obligatory depreciation concerns.


Steady Monthly USDT Rewards

By owning an ASTL token package, investors are entitled to receive a fixed monthly remuneration in USDT from the collective pool, proportionate to their invested capital. Worries concerning cryptocurrency market fluctuations become obsolete as our diversified mining approach and tangible cryptocurrency portfolio enable us to mitigate losses stemming from individual currency exchange rate fluctuations. Moreover, our robust mining farms ensure profitability even during periods of market stagnation, solidifying your steady stream of income.


Expanding Liquidity

Through a meticulously designed system of perpetual expansion in mining capacities, sustainable generation of “green” energy, and strategic diversification of cryptocurrency mining, the ASTL project team guarantees payment stability and enhances the reliability of your investment portfolio. Simultaneously, this endeavor amplifies the overall liquidity of the project, further unlocking the full potential of mining operations working in your favor.

Simplified Method for Generating Consistent Earnings

Streamlined and Trustworthy Investment Generating High Returns

Registration on the platform empowers token holders to securely furnish their Bsc20 wallet address within their designated account.

Upon acquiring an ASTL token, users gain access to a profitability structure that corresponds to the quantity of tokens purchased.

Following the investment, which entails the purchase of any ASTL token package, tokens are promptly credited to the investor’s balance within a 24-hour timeframe. Subsequently, the tokens commence generating profits in accordance with the selected package.
The remuneration for the invested funds in ASTL tokens, as per the terms of the purchased package, is directed to the wallet specified during registration. The received USDT reward can be utilized at the discretion of the token holder.


Empowering Your Investments to Thrive!

In a significant stride towards establishing an independent mining center fueled by sustainable energy sources, the ASTL investment project has strategically aligned with the Kalinin Atomic Power Station, operated by Rosatom. Leveraging the existing data processing support center, situated in close proximity to the atomic power station in the Tver region (380 km from Moscow), this initiative ensures uninterrupted power supply derived directly from the atomic power stations.

With a remarkable equipment placement capacity of 48 MW, our new data center guarantees reliable power access while prioritizing the utmost physical and information security for critical data. Furthermore, this collaboration provides ample room for the future expansion of the ASTL project’s IT infrastructure, presenting vast opportunities for the project’s continuous growth.


ASTL Token Economics and Investment Insights

The ASTL project has seamlessly integrated into the emerging DeFi ecosystem known as the EcoMind ecosystem, developed by the Astol Advanced Limited investment and mining foundation. Acting as a “bonus” token, the ASTL token serves as a guarantee for incoming investments and facilitates passive income generation in cryptocurrency. In the future, following the ICO/IEO, it will unlock the potential for a complete return on investment through trading on prominent centralized platforms such as CoinBase, WhiteBIT, and LBank, as well as decentralized platforms including UniSwap, RobinHood, and PancakeSwap.

Astol Advanced Limited has dedicated significant effort to develop a robust tokenomics model for the ASTL token. It is designed to align with the platform’s success and foster a thriving ecosystem that brings together token holders and AI platform clients.

Additionally, as part of the ASTL project’s expansion, a mobile application will be introduced, facilitating seamless interaction with the ASTL investment token via A staking pool has been established, offering opportunities for investment in masternodes to generate a stable income. The application will also integrate with the AI “oracle,” featuring a comprehensive catalog of altcoins for staking, accompanied by detailed insights. This integration ensures users are constantly informed about enticing staking opportunities, enabling them to earn money with confidence and serenity.


Key Features of the ERC20 ASTL Token

The ASTL token is built on the ETH-ERC-20 blockchain, aligning with the Ethereum network’s forthcoming transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). For reference, you can find the Etherscan Contract linked to the ASTL token. The initial token issuance amounts to 50,000,000 ASTL.

The distribution of ASTL tokens includes a Seed Round, constituting 20% of the total supply, equivalent to 10,000,000 ASTL. Following that, the ASTL Exchange round, scheduled as the primary IEO/ICO, accounts for 25% of the total supply, amounting to 12,500,000 ASTL.

At the ASTL project, we place paramount importance on innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and ensuring steadfast growth with unwavering security. To achieve this, we have established an end-to-end cyber risk strategy driven by our esteemed executive leadership team.

Our comprehensive strategy strikes a delicate balance between the imperative to remain secure, vigilant, and resilient while pursuing strategic objectives. In an era where cyber threats are omnipresent, we steadfastly support and prioritize robust security measures to safeguard our operations and stakeholders.


ASTL Project Security: A Commitment to Innovation and Resilience


Official Licensing: Ensuring Client Confidence and Data Privacy

As an officially licensed company, we prioritize the provision of comprehensive guarantees to our esteemed clients. Respecting the confidentiality of our clients’ data is of utmost importance to us, and we have stringent measures in place to ensure that the confidential information provided during registration remains strictly confidential.

Moreover, Astol Advanced Limited, as the investment arm of the ASTL Project, stands as a reliable guarantor for the accumulation and timely payment of all financial obligations. Our commitment to financial integrity ensures that payments are meticulously collected and disbursed in full, as scheduled, providing our clients with the reassurance they deserve.

Distribution of ASTL tokens

  • ICO/IEO - 25%
  • Seed - 20%
  • Private Sale - 20%
  • Pre-Public Sale - 15%
  • Marketing - 7,25%
  • Airdrop&Bounty - 5,50%
  • Team Supply - 5%
  • Advisors - 2,25%


Official Licensing: Ensuring Client Confidence and Data Privacy

The ASTL referral program has been thoughtfully developed as an integral component of the ASTL Token project to garner attention and disseminate information among potential partners. Upon registering an account, you will be provided with a unique referral link, enabling you to share it with your friends and acquaintances.

Through this program, you have the opportunity to earn a referral bonus of +2.5% for each new member you successfully bring onboard. This incentivizes and rewards your active participation in expanding the ASTL community, while promoting the growth and awareness of the project.


The Airdrop Program, an integral part of the ASTL Token project, aims to raise awareness and promote investment opportunities by distributing information about the project and engaging potential partners through registration on designated social networks and participation in AMA sessions.


The Bounty Program, an integral component of the ASTL Token project, strategically disseminates project information and investment opportunities, necessitating participation in sharing news and valuable content as well as registration with designated social networks to garner attention.


IAAS and Services for Government and Public Sector Applications

The potential of distributed ledger technology extends to a diverse range of government and public sector applications, such as digital currency/payments, wallet management, crypto-exchange, KYC/identity management, supply chain traceability, crypto-oracle, cross-bridges, and legal entities management. Our AI platform offers comprehensive infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) and services tailored to meet the specific needs of these sectors.


Building a Sustainable and Deflationary Token Economy

One of the core objectives of the ASTL project is to establish a robust token economy that fosters long-term sustainability and limited circulating supply. To achieve this, a proactive measure will be implemented through the burning of ASTL tokens, effectively reducing the total circulating supply and contributing to the deflationary nature of the ecosystem. This strategic approach ensures the project’s commitment to building a strong foundation and promoting economic stability.


Continuous Reduction of Circulating
Supply: A Strategic Approach

As part of our meticulous token management strategy, ASTL tokens will undergo periodic burning following the completion of each quarterly fund raising round until the launch of the Astol (IaaS) platform. Once the Astol (IaaS) platform is live, a portion of tokens utilized for acquiring AI services through our platform will be burned at the end of each quarter, further contributing to the reduction of our circulating supply. This progressive approach reinforces our commitment to maintaining a controlled and sustainable token ecosystem.

Distribution of invested funds

  • Investments in mining hardware - 32.50%
  • Investments in the energy supply of mining - 27.50%
  • Mining maintenance costs - 12.00%
  • Investments in mining infrastructure - 7.50%
  • Investments in AI technology on the blockchain - 5.00%
  • Investments in energy saving technologies - 5.00%
  • Investment in personnel - 5.00%
  • PR & Marketing expenses - 5.50%

Cryptocurrency mining investment portfolio*

  • Dash (DASH)
  • Ravencoin (RVN)
  • TONToken (TON)
  • Monero (XRM)
  • Etherium Classic (ETC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Etherium (ETH)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
* Valid for data from 08/20/2022. May vary depending on the current situation on the specified date.


From $100 to $1499
  • From 333 to 4 996 ASTL
  • Up to 10% ROI
  • lPayouts to your USDT wallet monthly
Buy ASTL Token


⠀From $1500 to $4999
  • From 5 000 to 16 663 ASTL
  • Up to 11% ROI
  • Payouts to your USDT wallet weekly
Buy ASTL Token


From $5000 to VIP
  • From 16 666 ASTL to VIP Status
  • Up to 12% and more ROI for VIP
  • Payouts to your USDT wallet daily
Buy ASTL Token


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Mining Overview

Mining is the process of acquiring new cryptocurrencies within a blockchain by adhering to predefined rules known as consensus mechanisms.

The most commonly used consensus mechanism in the crypto industry is Proof of Work (PoW). In PoW, new coins are obtained by solving intricate mathematical problems using computational power. Notably, this consensus algorithm is employed by renowned cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero.

How It Works

Miners employ specialized equipment to tackle the cryptographic problem presented by the blockchain. This process generates new blocks within the chain, with the hardware required to “solve” the problem to create the subsequent block. The solution involves exhaustively enumerating millions of code combinations, necessitating substantial computational resources and generating a unique value known as a “work” proof or hash.

Once the miner discovers the hash, it is shared with other computers on the network for verification. While other participants can authenticate the hash against the task, they cannot employ it to create a block. The hash key exclusively belongs to the miner who generated it.

The uniqueness of the hash lies in its asymmetry; it is challenging for miners to find, yet straightforward for the rest of the network to verify. Moreover, each hash incorporates information from preceding blocks within the network, ensuring confirmation that all actions occurred within the same blockchain.

Drawbacks of PoW

Firstly, PoW is environmentally detrimental due to its substantial electricity consumption. Mining operations consume massive amounts of power, leading to the rapid obsolescence of computers. Consequently, older equipment is discarded, contributing to electronic waste accumulation.

Secondly, PoW possesses vulnerabilities in terms of security. The consensus mechanism only ensures adequate security when a significant number of miners compete for block rewards. In cases where the network is small, there remains a risk of a malicious actor gaining a majority of the processing power and manipulating the blocks as desired. This scenario is commonly referred to as a “51% attack.”

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Blockchain, as you know, is a way of storing information on several computers connected to each other via a network (Internet).

Records of financial transactions are encoded and distributed among network participants, forming blocks interconnected by an inextricable chain. If someone wants to rewrite a transaction or create a new one without the consent of other participants, the system will compare the information with other databases and block the transaction.

Such technology, in principle, protects the cryptocurrency from hackers, scammers, various errors and system failures.

Managing mining on the blockchain with the help of Artificial Intelligence allows you to minimize the time of available transactions and the length of processed blocks at any time necessary. And, accordingly, to minimize energy consumption.

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm

In order for each user to have up-to-date, complete and reliable information, there is the concept of consensus. If the computer of one of the participants fails, the blockchain will continue to work at the expense of other computers in the network. It is the consensus algorithm, or, in other words, “agreement”, that allows both processing and restoring data in case of failure and does not allow entering fictitious data in case of possible fraud attempts.

What is staking

Staking, as it is commonly understood in general, is a passive income by storing cryptocurrency on a special wallet or account.

The more users store coins in the blockchain, the better and more reliable it works. Users ensure the security of the network and are rewarded for this. It is believed that staking is only possible using the Proof-Of-Stake algorithm, although this is not the correct opinion, just the most common one.

The holder of a cryptocurrency does not need to have technical skills to install and run mining equipment – this makes staking accessible to everyone.

Our project also allows you not to think about the current stock quotes of cryptocurrencies, computing power, mining equipment and its depreciation, and other things, both entertaining and boring. We pay you remuneration regardless of daily performance, monthly, exclusively as a percentage of investments with a fixed annual income and in stable cryptocurrency – USDT

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ASTL Investment project


Andjei Korotkewič

Head of ASTL Project | Poland

Ewa Goniacz

Deputy Director | Poland

Konstantin Sizovas

Commerce Director | Lietuva

Irena Woročkowa

Marketing Director | Poland

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